question about lvm and ext3 file system

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by aqva, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. aqva

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    hi folks,

    first post on howtoforge forum, sorry if i m stupid, thanks for readin this.
    i have been into linux for the last 8 months, i use debian/gnu linux and i love it.
    i have been experimenting with a lot of things, in order to learn linux. my latest task was to install debian with xen on an lvm containing root partition, so that i can cut some of my time installing debian again and again due to disk space or mistakes i make.
    i wanted to do it so badly....i thought it will be the end of my noobhood.
    and i eventually got it running after reading stuff and doing things for almost one and half week.
    but i made a mistake. i made a volume group with 2 partitions, one of them containg some old data. here is how i did it:
    #pvcreate /dev/hda67 /dev/hda8
    #vgcreate vg00 /dev/hda7 /dev/hda8
    #lvcreate --name root --size 3G vg00
    #mke2fs -j /dev/vg00/root
    #mount -t ext3 /dev/vg00/root /mnt
    #find / -xdev | cpio -pvmd /mnt
    after i created the fstab and other necessary files.
    and i got it booting.
    but then i realized that /dev/hda7 was the one where i had some important data.

    so my question is whether i can recover data from /dev/hda7?
    your suggestions and scoldings are always welcome.
    please help me to be a linux genious.

    and i think it would be a great idea for a howto: "installing debian with xen on a root partition containing lvm+raid1"
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    No, because you've already formatted the partitions.
  3. aqva

    aqva New Member

    Thank you Falko,

    Thanks a lot.

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