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Discussion in 'General' started by lifodesbois, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Maybe this is a stupid question, but I didnt found the answer.

    I am using ispconfig 3 for more than 1 year without any (major) problem, and this is a really great tool.

    Now, I am having a client (client in ISPC too) who is wanting to manage more than 1 server to host his websites. He is so also asking for a second server - which is great ;)

    But I didnt found any way to give him access to more than 1 server to choose where to create his websites.

    In the PDF doc, I found that:
    but I dont have such a itemlist when acting as a client. How and what can I do ?

  2. till

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    You can set the server where the client can create new items in the client limits. He can manage all old items in case that they are on other servers as well. So the server that is used by a client for new sites is alwas set by the admin in the client limits and for that reason there is no such selector available when a client adds a site.
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    Thanks for your answer.

    So, if I well understood what you wrote, a customer cannot manage on his own the server on which websites are declared ?

    Sounds to be a great feature request to manage a server list for each client/reseller.

    If I understood properly, I will have to manage his requests to handle high loaded websites balancing directly from the admin panel, and then giving back access to the admin panel.

    Does anyone already had this kind of wish or not ?
  4. till

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    The owner of a server is normally the administrator of the controlpanel and not the client. If a client owns a server (has one or more dedicated servers), then he is normally the administrator or in other words, the dedicated servers of clients are normally not connected to a master server for shared hosting of other clients. In case that a client owns multiple servers on his own,you create a new cluster of servers with anew master controlpanel.

    If you would offer your clients to choose the servers on their own, they would most likely start to add sites to the wrong servers. E.g. if one server is faster, they will add the sites there as soon as they noticed that.

    Nobody needed this before, most likely due to the reasons I pointed out above.

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