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Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by WHO, Jul 2, 2019.

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    Worked with 3.1.13 before. We now recognized some problems:
    Problem 1.
    Remote API User lost "Domaintool functions" right (unchecked after update). Is there a szenario which could lead to this effect?
    - The new Created web then had no domains in domainpool. After manually adding to the pool and assigning them to the web the Website was shown, but Lets Encrypt not working. Leading to:

    Problem 2.
    After activating Let's Encrypt for the web (vhost), the SSL was provided for the webdomain - But not for the subdomain of web.
    The subdomains of the aliasdomains where provided with SSL.
    We then activated "Skip Lets Enrypt Check" in Serverconfig to solve that. LE now working for web and all subdomains

    btw.: before in 3.1.13 we had the problem that LE was only generated for the subdomain but not for the webdomain when a vhost was changed. Excactly the other way round like now with 3.1.13p1.
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    1) There were no changes related to the API from 3.1.13 to 3.1.13p1.
    2) This happens when the LE domain token domain can not be reached from the server itself. The checkbox you used disables all pre-checks, but this means that the whole cert will fail in the future if one subdomain or the main domain becomes unreachable during LE renewal.
  3. WHO

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    The "Skip Lets Enrypt Check" was a temporary workaround, we're not planning to keep this option.
    Can you specify what we can check or figure out with the "domain token domain can not be reached from the server itself" problem?

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