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  1. hareem

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    I followed a link from google and it landed me to the following page.

    Now it all looks quite easy to do . I dont think there should be a million problems to solve.

    However, my boss is on my case regarding replication. I got one question for you all. If the master sends database info to replicate onto the slave is it possible to add as many slaves as a i need and what happens if the master dies.

    How can i promote one of the slaves to become a new master or if thats not possible then if the master is down or dies out what procedure should i follow to resolve the problem fast.

    Hareem. Haque
  2. tfunky

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    Warning...I'm no expert...but,

    Have you taken a look at this:


    That howto covers master/master replication and may solve your problem with master/slave promotions, etc.

    You might take a look and see if that helps you. If not I'm sure there's a guru somewhere around here that can help you out! :)

    Good Luck!!!

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