PXE server on Debian Lenny

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  1. psykosen

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    hi there

    i have a pxe server setup with DHCP in my company! and all that it works perfect nothing there! thanx to falkos Howto

    i my self running linux!:) but some in the firm is running Windows xp:mad::mad: but hey some still needs to learn;)

    my question is whether it is possible to put a custom install (". img or. iso") file on the PXE so it can boot off an installation xp from the same server or you need an extra (RIS server or similar)

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  3. psykosen

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    i'v been there but can't get to work on linux(pxe) don't whant to set up a win32 server at the moment but thanx
  4. psykosen

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    sorry but can't understand what you meen (is the link spam!!!) don't get it
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