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Discussion in 'General' started by Rabenkind, Feb 22, 2018.

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    I am looking for a way to use a Let's Encrypt certificate for PureFTP (the manual still has only a self-signed version of the certificate). This is supposed to be a Multi-Server setup where the ISPConfig webinterface runs on a different machine.

    Since PureFTP runs on a Webserver-Environment the http and the tls challenge fail and the dns-challenge is not an option.

    Let's encrypt runs on the Webserver (for client websites) so I was thinking of adding a -pre-hook wich stops the webserver and a -post-hook which starts it afterwards.

    Note. I know how to implement Let's Encrypt Certificates for Mail-Server and the ISPConfig webinterface and the Users-Websites. however only the users-websites and PureFTP are on the same machine and I need to make shure the users websites are up-and running 99.9% of all time so a failing -post-hook is NOT an option...

    Has anyone got this running in a similar way? (not talking about single server setups)

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    Yes, that works for web nodes of multiserver systems as well. Just create a vhost for the server hostname of the web server (which has to be on the web server of course, so ensure to select the correct server node) and proceed with the other steps. It does not matter where the ISPConfig UI is for that.
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    thanks! I will try it and report back.

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