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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by kernell32, Mar 16, 2013.

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    Howdy guys,

    first of all great Software, im using it for a few years already, first on 1 "all in one server" and now moving on to split up onto dedicated vms for db, mail, web.

    Latest release is really cool and everything working perfectly so far, ive followed the "Perfect server debian squeeze..." Howto with only difference that im using nginx instead of apache.

    The only problem im running into currently while testing the new setup before going into production is Pure-FTP.

    When i create a new ftp user lets say for web6:client1 he wont be able to read the web directory vie ftp

    After chmodding web to 750 its fine.

    after changing the security level to medium it actually works but that cant be purpose i guess.

    Is this a bug?
    Anyone experiencing the same?
  2. kernell32

    kernell32 New Member

    additional weirdness :)
    notice the directory private has the same permissions as web?
    "private" i can read/write with my ftp user but "web" i cant :confused:

  3. kernell32

    kernell32 New Member

    oh my... last night was definately too late :eek:
    didnt see the forest because of all those trees
    While importing a webroot for testing from our old server i chowned the directory to the wrong user (web5 instead of web6) :rolleyes:

    Ignore this thread and consider it non-existant :cool:

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