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  1. corpus

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    I had some errors to login in pureftpd server with TLS session enabled and filezilla with FTPES - FTP over explicit TLS/SSL

    after a litlle search in google found that the problem is the firewall.
    When i disabled firewall rules from ispconfig i can login
    So the solution that worked for me is

    first run as root
    grep -i ftps /etc/services
    my results in debian 6
    ftps-data	989/tcp				# FTP over SSL (data)
    ftps		990/tcp
    add port 989 in Open TCP ports in your ispconfig firewall records
    works !!
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  2. gertk

    gertk New Member

  3. corpus

    corpus New Member

    Your solution works

    Your solution works, mine works for a wile
  4. denpark

    denpark New Member

    do i need to add port 990 also? it doesn't seem to be in my list.
  5. corpus

    corpus New Member

    denpark try only the gertk solution


    My solution works only for a while
    But i don΄t know if only passive connections is ok
  6. denpark

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