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    Hi, I installed ispconfig 3 with this tutorial "The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 10.04" on my rented dedicated server. I'm new to ubuntu and linux in general and i thought it would help having a control panel to set up my forum to save editing apache etc myself..

    I have also installed a shoutcast server and teamspeak 3 server and alls well ... kinda :rolleyes:

    I installed pure-ftpd like the guide said and also jailkit. The thing is only me and my mate whos co renting with me need access to anything and i find it very restricting. Also pure-ftpd as stopped working and i would rather have proftpd installed and no jailkit.

    So my question is can i uninstall these without spoiling my set up?

    If so can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial showing how so as to minimise my chances of messing things up.

    Thanks =ChAoS
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    1) Jailkit is not related to ftp.
    2) jailkit is not restricting anything if you have not explicitely selected jailkit for a specific ssh account.
    3) pure-ftpd has basically the same functionality then proftpd.
    4) proftpd is not supported and can not be used on a ispconfig 3 server. It also makes no sense to switch to proftpd as the functionality would be exactly the same then with pure-ftpd.

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