Pure Ftp+Ubuntu 12.04 conection timed out

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Galopete, May 28, 2013.

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    I'm having a trouble with my pure ftp server in Ubuntu 12.04 with ISPConfig.

    In the image you can see the problem, that is after response "150 Accepted data conection"
    I have an error "Conection timed out", but a part of the file that i'm storing on my server is on it, then Filezilla reconects to my server, put another little part of the file, and then the error again... (looping until it finish to upload the file...)

    I have configured the passive port range in pureftp and my firewall configured to allow these port range.

    I'm triyed in Active mode, and it doesn't work.

    But the most curious case is that in Windows with Filezilla client it works fine without errors, i only need to configure "keep alive" on the windows client.

    Any idea?


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  2. Galopete

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    Any idea?...
  3. Galopete

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    A Filezilla 3.5 in Suse 12.3 bug.

    Filezilla 3.7 works fine...


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