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    ISPConfig is great but has confused me with the built from source concerning SSL and Apache2

    I need to buy an SSL certificate that WORKS! I know ispconfig is compiled from source & many rules do not apply. I need to know those that DO apply concerning ispconfig servers and SSL.

    When I buy an SSL cert I have these options:

    Apache+MOD SSL

    I run Apache2 with ISPConfig.

    Ispconfig is weird in how it stores SSL certs in /root/ispconfig/conf/*

    What should i choose when buying a $1899 certificate for the year?
  2. till

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    You seem to mix up a few things.

    The apache server for your websites is not compiled manually and not from ispconfig and the location for the ssl certs is also not /root/ispconfig/conf/*.

    Only the internal ispconfig controlpanel server on port 81 is compiled manually. But thats an apache 1 and not apache2.

    Are you talking a about a ssl cert for port 81 (the ispconfig interface) or a ssl cert for your websites?

    Also just out of interest, which kind of ssl cert cost so much? A normal (single domain) ssl cert costs around 30 EUR / year.
  3. id10t

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    startssl.com gives free SSL certs...

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