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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mcaramb, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. mcaramb

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    OK, I'm missing something here.. as of version 2.2.25 there's supposed to be an interface for setting the server's PTR records in named. Where the heck is it?

    Would this be the IP address set under Management->Server->Settings? Right now it's set to the local IP. Would I maybe put the public IP in the IP List below?

    My scenario: I've got a local IP for the box and a router doing translation from the public IP. Under ISP Manager I've set the IP's of each domain to the local IP. Under DNS Manager however I've set the IPs to the public address so it will resolve correctly.

    Where in all this is the PTR record for the server?

    Ideally, I'd prefer one single PTR for the server which is Because the only time I use the PTR is when a user uses Horde mail to send out email. Thus, the is used for all the domains. I'd prefer not to get into a PTR round robin situation. Where everytime a PTR request is made a different domain is resulted.

    What I'm confused about is the IP setting under Management->Server->Settings. How does this relate to the IP setting under ISP Manger for the machine's domain name there?

    WHich one is the PTR?!?! How do I access it? Do I edit the zone file manually?


  2. mcaramb

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    OK... if it was a snake it would have bit me. There's an ADD PTR record button under DNS Manager right next to where it says New Master and New Slave... I was expecting to seethe add PTR record under each individual domain where is also shows add A record, add CNAME, etc... which is why I didn't catch it initially... I feel dumb...

    I still would like my other questions answered though concerning which IP settings refer to what... any help?

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    ALL IP Adrrsses that you want to use for a vhost have to be listed in the ip address field.

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