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Discussion in 'General' started by esezako, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. esezako

    esezako Member

    Hi, now i have a proxmox clusters with several VMs with ispconfig 2.

    I need upgrame my systems, and I doubt between these 2 settings:

    • Clustered Proxmox 2.0 + Clustered ISPConfig3 VMs
    • Clustered ISPConfig 3 + Clustered ISPConfig3 VMS

    Is the second option posible?
    Performance differences?

    Thanks for the help :)
  2. esezako

    esezako Member

    Any idea?

  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    If you are satisfied with proxmox, then you sould stay with it and use it to manage vm's. Inside the vms, you can install ispconfig 3 as if you had installed ispconfig 2 or you install ispconfig 3 as multiserver setup in different virtual machines if you want to manage web, mail and dns services of all vm's from a single controlpanel.
  4. esezako

    esezako Member

    Thanks Till.

    But, with Ispconfig 3 can do all the job of 2 control panels only in one?

    Ispconfig 3 can have cluster nodes hardware and cluster nodes VMs at the same time y the same control panel?
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Yes, but the ispconfig 3 vm management module is not as advanced as proxmox yet.

    You can manage multiple vm host servers from one controlpanel, but they are not clustered in the means of instant failover of vm's as ispconfig can not migrate vm's from one server to another yet. We will add such functions in fuure versopns of the vm module, but if you need clustered virtual machines that can be migrated between the servers automatically then better go with the new proxmox beta.
  6. esezako

    esezako Member

    Thanks Till

    PD: Promox 2.0 is released
  7. esezako

    esezako Member

    If i installed ISPConfig in fisical servers with all services, and installed ISPConfig in VMs with all services (without VServer), ¿Can I admin sites, domains, mails, etc of all servers (fisical and virtula) at the same time without difference?

    Sorry if i am not express well
  8. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Yes. For ispconfig it makes no difference if a server is a vm or a physical system. The only limitation is that when you use a physical server to run virtual machines, then you can not configure websites on the same host server outside of virtual machines as openvz will not srart when qouta is configured. So:

    Phys. server with ispconfig > VM > ISPConfig with Web / Mail = ok
    Phys. server with proxmox > VM > ISPConfig Web / Mail = ok
    Phys server with ISPConfig that runs websites and virtual machines on the host system outsde of vms's = not ok.
  9. esezako

    esezako Member

    OK, thanks

    For now i use Proxmox 2.0 + ISPConfig 3.

    PD: Great pdf "ISPConfig 3 Manual"
  10. Alanx

    Alanx New Member

    Ispconfig 3 > on top VM > Proxmox 2.0/2.1

    Why not this case:

    Phys. server with Ispconfig 3 > VM > Proxmox 2.0/2.1

    another free control panel work with Proxmox on top, the goal is to have all the Ispoconfig Features, excluding VPS Management, use resource on Physical Server to host websites or only dns and have VPS managed by Proxomox with all the features as Live Migration.
    Using Ispconfig features will be possible to clone an entire server with all the Vps running on top ??
    I suppose that only need to fix probably duplication of services between Ispconfig and Proxmox, but will be a very good Environment useful for both Shared Hosting and Vps, using all the resource do not used from the VPS

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  11. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    This combination makes no sense as proxmox can not run within a virtual machine. Proxmox has to be installed on the physical server.
  12. Alanx

    Alanx New Member

    No, I was not clear I suppose, of course Ispconfig and Proxmox have to be installed on the server, as Webmin and Proxmox, both on the physical server.

    Ispconfig have to manage shared hosting and all others possible services,
    Proxmox have to manage VPS, inside VPS will run what you want...another Ispconfig or Windows or a PBX...

    You think that this installation is possible to be tested and realized ?

    Thank You

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