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    First, sorry for my bad english ... :eek:

    I followed the tutorial "".

    I have access to phpMyAdmin with the alias (like, no problem to connect.

    But, i cant' apply : "In the PHPMyAdmin URL field On the "Sites" tab, add your alias for /phpmyadmin, which is in this example: /myalias", it's return :
    Debian 6 64bits with ispconfig3

    Can you help me ?

    Thanks a lot

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  2. GarGamel55

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    was apparently due to underscore that I used in my alias

  3. cjimenez

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    Hi GarGamel55,

    You can also edit "/usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/sites/database_phpmyadmin.php" and change the path at the end.

    Ex: '/phpmyadmin' to '/myalias'

    header('location:' . $http . '://' . $serverData['server_name'] . '/phpmyadmin');

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