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Discussion in 'General' started by Xase, Sep 20, 2018.

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    I was going to try and backport prosody support to 3.1.13 on a test machine, for the update.php, is this possible from the master branch? or is prosody support in incomplete status? I'm fluent in code to the point where I can read and understand MOST things, and feel I could do it with some time and patience. I tried doing it for the install.php script a couple days ago for a production install (bad idea that failed anyhow)... but I was missing some things/it was a quick hack job/and it errored out at 'unexpected end of file' after evaluating a line.

    My question, mainly, is: am I wasting my time? We really desire to run an XMPP server, and Metronome just seemed to have too many issues.

    I understand it's coming in 3.2, but that is X amount of time away.

    I'm going to give it a try anyways, I just wanted some input from the community on it.

    (Yes I am aware it is more than just modifying the install.php and update.php and that this is a difficult undertaking for someone of novice/intermediate level)
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    If I remember correctly, Prosody support is in the master branch only. You can update an ispconfig stable system to master by using command and choosing git-master as update target. But you can't downgrade to stable again, so you should make a backup of the old install if you like to be able to downgrade again. I can't say in which actual state the prosody code in master is, have not tested it. Most of the info on Metronome and Prosody in ISPConfig can be found in this thread:

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