Proposal for beginning a common work on a manual stub

Discussion in 'General' started by manarak, May 19, 2009.

  1. manarak

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    Hello all, I'm just beginning with ISPConfig 3.

    I installed it as described in Falko's How-To.

    Everything is up and running, but there is some kind of gap to bridge between installing the system and getting the first website to work properly.

    Since there is still no manual for ISP config 3 and no signs that someone is working on it, can I propose that the basic information be put together in this thread, step by step?

    I think a short summary of the most tricky topics would be sufficent.

    - IP settings for the server
    - DNS server settings
    - DNS settings for sites
    - where to adjust vhost.conf
    - where to setup cron jobs
    - how to authorize external access to mysql databases (over a port, is it 3306?)
    - explanation of settings for running PHP as cgi, fast cgi, mod...

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