Progress: ISPConfig integration with WhoIs.Cart

Discussion in 'General' started by larwilliams, Jul 16, 2007.

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    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I have started work on making ISPConfig integrate with whois.cart (a hosting management billing solution in PHP). Falko has graciously given support to use his code for 42GoIspManager (posted here in the forum) as the base. I have a number of improvements in mind.

    Just some examples:
    - making it compatible with the newest versions of both whois.cart and ispconfig (this may already be the case, though).
    - Pulling hosting plan information directly from ISPConfig and link it to a plan in whois.cart dynamically (currently hardcoded).
    - Anything else that comes up along the way.

    Actually, making the hosting plans from ISPConfig dynamic is fairly simple.... in cp42goisp_1_config.php (if you already have it), simply load the following SQL query and loop the results into the $hostingplans array (by "title" field).

    SELECT * FROM isp_isp_web_template, isp_nodes WHERE isp_isp_web_template.doctype_id = isp_nodes.doctype_id AND isp_isp_web_template.doc_id = isp_nodes.doc_id
    (Someone please correct me if the above code is wrong.... it worked okay for me in phpMyAdmin).

    A solid release is a ways off yet. Waiting to get paid so I can get a whois.cart license and then set up remoting support in ISPConfig. The PayPal Sandbox should allow for more than sufficient testing ability.

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