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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by trashed, May 21, 2008.

  1. trashed

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    I followed the tutorial proftpd+mysql+quota and I was trying to make it work so that it shares the running privileges with apache but I am having troubles doing so.

    * Apache: runs as www-data(33):www-data(33)
    * ProFTPd: runs as proftpd(106):nogroup

    I created ftpuser(2001):ftpgroup(2001) like the tutorial showed. I also added ftpuser to the www-data group.

    I now have (in ftpuser table):
    2 admin PASS 2001 2001 /www /sbin/nologin
    and in ftpgroup:
    ftpgroup 2001 ftpuser

    unfortunately, all the files created in /www from an ftp connection are owned by ftpuser:ftpgroup and not by ftpuser:www-data.
    How can I fix this so that both apache and proftpd can write the same files (without having to chmod them 777)?
  2. falko

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    Add www-data to the ftpgroup group.

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