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    I have an old ISPConfig 2 server that has served me very well for 5+ years.

    However, sadly, it has recently been hacked, and I have lost all of my index.* files, including the one used for for the ISPConfig control panel :(

    I have decided to build a new server with ISPConfig 3, and am ready to test.

    I'd like to do a store-and-forward of emails from one of email accounts on the old server to the new server for a few days to ensure the email system on the new server is working correctly before cutting across to it permanently.

    I *think* I need to alter the .procmailrc file of the relavent user on the old server in order to achieve this, but having done a bit of googling cannot quite figure out how to get the desired results.

    The closest I have figured out is to put the following on at the end of the file, but this does not work:

    ! [email protected]

    Can someone help please?

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