procmail issues with spamassassin

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by kevinbhawkins, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. kevinbhawkins

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    I am having some nightmare procmail issues on a system with PLESK

    My aim is to run these rules server-wide but for now I have a .forward file processing a specific user to a .procmailrc file.

    I want to be able to delete certain email on criteria using /dev/null but even when the filter matches, the email still gets through. For a while I was even getting double emails of all non-spam tagged messages.

    Any help with figuring out why the /dev/null action isn't working would be appreciated, but I am also getting "cannot create tmp lockfile" errors when I try to use spamassassin for blacklisting and whitelisting.

    below are my .procmailrc and a procmail.log output. Any insight would be greatly appreciated since this has been eating up DAYS.


    PS: I have replaced actual domain names and user names with generic terms, but all paths on my server are accurate


    #LOG="--- Logging ${LOGFILE} for ${LOGNAME} "


    # Send all mail through SpamAssassin

    :0fw: spamassassin.lock
    * < 256000
    | spamassassin

    * ^From:.*@yahoo\.com

    * ^Subject:.SPAM

    * ^X-Spam-Status: Yes.*


    procmail: [10865] Mon Sep 1 07:30:10 2008
    procmail: Locking "spamassassin.lock"
    [11466] warn: auto-whitelist: open of auto-whitelist file failed: locker: safe_lock: cannot create tmp lockfile /var/qmail/popuser/.spamassassin/ for /var/qmail/popuser/.spamassassin/auto-whitelist.lock: Permission denied
    procmail: [11464] Mon Sep 1 07:30:13 2008
    procmail: Unlocking "spamassassin.lock"
    procmail: No match on "^From:.*@yahoo\.com"
    procmail: No match on "^Subject:.SPAM"
    procmail: Match on "^X-Spam-Status: Yes.*"
    procmail: Assigning "LASTFOLDER=/dev/null"
    procmail: Opening "/dev/null"
    From [email protected] Mon Sep 01 15:30:06 2008
    Subject: *****SPAM***** Looking for Tag Heur replica? Visit Replica Classics
    Folder: /dev/null 2458
    procmail: [10865] Mon Sep 1 07:30:18 2008
  2. falko

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    What's the output of
    ls -la /var/qmail/popuser/

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