Problems with vhosts on setup with multiple vms

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    Hi there,

    I guess I have some kind of a thinking problem here. First the setup: I have a host system that runs Ispconfig3, but only the virtualization. The other services are divided into VMs, for the sake of simplicity I only describe the setup for host and web server:

    Host: Runs OpenVZ, apache2, mysql
    Web Server: Has it's own IP, runs apche2, mysql, ftp

    The server is hosted at Hetzner, the IPs of the VMs are located in a subnet.

    Now, from what I see everything is working fine. When I create a new site (testsite.tld) on the web server a vhost will be created on the right server in sites-enabled.

    The DNS records of testsite.tld are set to the IP address of the web server, and when I enter the IP directly it responds as expected with the apache index.html. Also the trace of the domain shows that it ends on the right IP.

    Now for the problem: When I enter testsite.tld into the browser I reach the apache test index.html of the HOST, not of the web server.

    I tried a lot, but I just don't know what the problem is. One tip I read multiple times was to setup the IP of the web server in system->Server IP Addresses. I did that with the main IP of the web server and assigned it instead of * to the site.

    The fun thing is: No when I enter die IP into the browser I reach the right vHost. When I enter testsite.tld I still see the index.html from the host.

    Cleary I'm doing something wrong here, but I don't know what. Any hint?

    Thanks a lot


    Edit: Debian 7.0, Apache2, Ispconfig3,
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    Hi there,

    allright I found the solution, I use an external DNS server and while whois and trace already showed the right IP, it seems that it still go routed to the host server. So the problem basically solved itself over night, I just had to wait until the domain was updated.

    That's the great advantage when you run you own DNS, maybe I should switch to that.



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