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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by nissy, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. nissy

    nissy New Member

    Hi people!

    I have been trying to solve my dns problems with ispconfig and I think I'm about to go crazy...

    I have a with ispconfig2, with dns stablished at registrars as ns1 and ns2. Both of them point at my ispconfig server.

    Now, my first domain has various a entries, one of which is webmail. When you type in that address it redirects you to

    The thing is that there is no folder in with a file that creates the redirection, and I don't know were does this come from... I am trying to replicate the same with the other domains without success, if I type an A record it says that you are accessing a shared IP, and if I type it as a cname pointing to roundcube, doesn't do anything and keeps showing as if it was an A record...

    I'm going crazy, I've searched all through the posts and haven't found anything... I've restarted named, checked the config files... don't know what else to look for


  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    A redirection of that type can never be caused by dns, so you do not have a dns problem. Check your apache configuration files if there is a alias for webmail configured somewhere. You should also check the .htaccess file of the website.
  3. nissy

    nissy New Member

    Thanks for your tip, but my problem is (for the new domain, why does the webmail host answer to a A record that no longer exists when now all there is is a cname record called webmail??

    I created an A record pointing to the server, it answered saying "this is a shared ip" so I deleted it completely and created a cname. Now, it keeps answering "this is a shared ip", when it should be either redirecting or doing nothing, but the server should not be answering in any case... I have checked the bind config file for that domain and it shows the cname, not the A record...

    Why is that??


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