problems with creating databases in a 2 server cluster

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by vmos, Apr 10, 2013.

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    Good afternoon,
    I've got a two server cluster with one acting as the web server and the other as the DB. Both servers running ispconfig on ubuntu with apache and mysql.

    I had the setup working nicely, so I cloned the servers, changed a few things, on the new db server I uninstalled ispconfig and reinstalled it so I could point it to the new web server for clustering and it all seemed grand.
    Somewhere along the line it's stopped working. Using the interface on the web server, I'll create a db on the second, except it doesn't create anything. Also I can't change permissions on existing DBs

    I've unistalled and reinstalled ispconfig on the db, verified that the details I put in can be used to connect to the db from the web. Beyond that, I'm struggling to debug this.

    How can I see what details the web is using to connect to the db? is there any way to turn on extra logging for this? as I haven't been able to find any errors.

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