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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by centosarus, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. centosarus

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    When I create a site on the slave server using the master's web interface, nothing gets created on the slave. There are no directories, no files anywhere on the slave that would show that the slave server was even touched?

    I do see however the new site's info in both the master's and the slave's databases.

    How is this supposed to work? Are ssh/scp/rlogin/rsh/rcp/rdist/ used during this process? Are there settings/permissions that need to be in place on the servers to allow that communication?

    Or do I get this completely wrong?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. till

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    No. As you see the data in both databases, the mysql permissions are correct. Or have you setup mysql replication between your databases?
  3. centosarus

    centosarus New Member

    No, I haven't setup mysql replication. From the databases standpoint, it all looks good. I was wondering why the sites are not created in the /var/www directory on the slave server. There are no clients directory. There are no sites-enabled directory in the /etc/httpd/conf directory. Since these directories are not being created on the slave server, I was wondering if I needed to setup some sort of firewall rules or directory permissions or anything to allow the master server to create these directories on the slave server.

    Isn't everything being initiated from the master's Interface? When we try to create a site on the slave server using the master's interface, how does that work? Shouldn't all the directories I mentioned above be created on the slave server? Am I wrong to think that's the way it works?

    Can anyone please explain in a nutshell, how this works?

  4. till

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    And you are sure that you installed ispconfig 3 on the salve server? The sites-enabled directories were created by the ispconfig installer, if they are not there, then ispconfig is not installed completely on this server.

    no. The master interface is not accessing the slave server in any kind.

    The slave server checks the master database every minute for noe or updated records, then it will replicate the records to the local database and write the config files.
  5. centosarus

    centosarus New Member


    Thanks so much.

    This is what confused me. I have been reading that the slave server should not run the ISPConfig Web interface, so when I saw the following as I was installing ISPConfig in expert mode:

    "Hint: If this server shall run the ispconfig interface, select 'y' in the next option.

    Configure Apache Server (y,n) [y]:"

    I selected "n", thinking I am not going to run the ISPC interface on the slave. But it should be "y".

    Further down the installation, I got:
    "Install ISPConfig Web-Interface (y,n) [y]:"
    That's where I needed to select "n". So I did that and it's all working beautifully.

    Thanks again.
  6. conx

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    ---- Please Delete -> Wrong Theard ---


    i got this problem with the salve server too.
    I updated the master frist.

    Frist error in line 157.
    After i saw the post i tried SVN, but i get this Problem:

    Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 0 in /tmp/trunk/install/update.php on line 208

    Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /tmp/trunk/install/update.php on line 208


    Sorry i posted in the wrong theard. This theard make more sense:
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