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Discussion in 'General' started by Ympker, Nov 5, 2017.

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    Hello everyone,
    So yesterday I tried to subscribe to HowtoForge via PayPal and although I own a legit Master Card (no VCC or anything similar) it wouldn't accept my payment method. I tried several times but eventually I got frustrated and instead bought solely the ISPConfig Manual (again via PayPal). This worked flawlessly with the very same PayPal account which makes me wonder why the subcscription didn't. I also saw the WorldPay option but Id rather subscribe via PP than just my Master Card. One could assume my Master Card couldnt handle subscriptions but Spotify subscription (and others) work without problems. Should someone from Staff be able to assist me with this and perhaps grant me the subscriber status when I show them the paid invoice from yesterday I'd very much appreciate it as obviously the subscription has far more benefits than just buying the manual.
    I have no problem with deducting the days which already have passed since the invoice was paid. As for further payments it would be nice if there was some way to manually send the money via PayPal or somehow assist me with the subscription issue & PayPal.
    Given that it is weekend now I dont expect an immediate answer so take your time. The manual already is of great value so if it doesnt work out it wouldve still been money well spent just wondering if there are ways to help me out here :)

    Kind regards,
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    we have no influence on the scoring that Paypal applies to a credit card, so I can't tell you why they rejected your card in that case and Paypal won't tell us as the vendor the reason. Howtoforge provides Worldpay as a direct credit card payment alternative to Paypal.

    A manual subscription payment is possible for the 6-month subscription (25 EUR plus VAT) only. I can offer you the first 6 months for 20 EUR + vat. as you bought the ISPConfig manual already. Please contact me by email to info at howtoforge dot com when you are interested in that offer, I need to know your postal (invoice) address and PayPal email address for the manual subscription processing.

    Best Regards

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  3. Ympker

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    Hey Till,
    I've sent you an E-Mail :)

    Kind regards,

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