Problem with the implementation of tHttpdCGI

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    my best way of learning is by doing, so I decided to start my old server from scratch.
    It´s Debian Squeeze now, and should come with nginx as server software.
    Implementing nginx was my challenge yesterday. But it works fine right now. At the end I want a Server with ISPconfig 3 as frontend for the webs, reseller accounts and mail.

    At the moment I´m in a dead end, cause I wanted to implement the ability of handling cgi. I used this tutorial for it:

    And I stopped here: vi /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/

    If I look into /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ i can see an link to a file called default. There is another folder /etc/nginx/sites-available there is a default file as well but I´m not shure whether I have to implement it there.
    Next point on my question list is, whether I have to change; to my IP or should I leave it as it is?
    And last but not least, will there be automatically a CGI folder in each web or do I have to implement it manually.
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