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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by brianetilley, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. brianetilley

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    I am trying to create a subdomain. I created a co-domain under an existing site but was not sure how to configure I went to the forum for help. After reading that I should create a new site first I deleted what I thought was just the co-domain. Now the existing (primary) site is gone and when I try to recreate it I am given an error message that the site already exists, but it does not show up in my sites folder. How can I undelete/recover it? Also, should I check the create DNS and DNS-MX options when I create the site I want to use as a subdomain. Very confusing stuff the first time around. Thanks for any help.
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    Is the domain maybe still in the Recycle Bin? If yes, recover it.

    If not, than I think that this is a "bug". I had the same problem (and more) some time ago (I think I did exactly the same as you did), and the only way I could fix it was by digging in the ISP database (do not do this!!!! It WILL break your ISPconfig if you do the wrong thing!!!) (more info about my problem here Start reading from message #3 - Now back to the isp_isp_domain problem.)

    If you are using your own DNS, than yes.. You will need to check the DNS.
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    Thanks for the info. I recovered the site, deleted the co-domain, and am now building a new site to use as a subdomain. Your help greatly appreciated.
  4. brianetilley

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    I seem to be going around in circles. Let me start from the beginning. I want to create a sub domain for The sub domain address will be The threads I have been reading seem to be I set up the sub domain as a 'co-domain' (what is the difference between the two terms???) under the site, and if so, what do I put into the 'Forward' tab? Or do I set up a completely new site for the microfiber sub domain ( and then add it to the co-domain tab in The more I search the more confusing it gets. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  5. till

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    You are mixing up two completely different scenarios.

    1) A co-domain is the same then a subdomain. If you want your subdomain point to a existing website, just add a co-domain. The forwarding field must be empty.

    2) If your subdomain shall have its own website directory, add a new website. You dont have to add a co-domain in this scenario at all.
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