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    I am trying to setup SSL on my website but I am having a problem. I followed instructions in ISPCONFIG 3 users guide to set it up but problem is, that when I try to browse to my website using https I get Apache 2 Test page.

    For my website I have:

    SSL checkbox checked
    I created a self signed certificate under the SSL tab for my website
    Using the SSL Request I purchased a trusted certificate from Go Daddy
    I pasted the certificate I received in the SSL Certificate box and SSL Bundle.
    I saved the certificate.

    When I browse to my site using https:// I get the Apache 2 Test page and a warning that the SSL certificate is not trusted. So basically it is not recognizing the purchased certificate and not applying it to my website. How can I fix this?

    I tried removing the certificate and just try a self signed certificate, but I still see the Apache 2 test page. Restarting Apache 2 didnt help either. I also noticed that in the /web/ssl folder of the website it generates .err files
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    Most likely some input for the ssl cert (the first fields of the ssl cert details page) contain special chars or similar content which can not be read by openssl correctly so that the resulting ssl cert is corrupt. Please post a screenshot of the ssl tab content.
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    I am attaching a screen shot

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    Can somebody help me get this thing to work?
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    1) Make a backup of your current ssl key, certificate and ssl request.
    2) Choose as action to delete the ssl certificate and press save.
    3) Enable the debug log:
    4) Choose as action to create a new ssl cert and press save.
    5) run the script manually on the shell as it is described in the faq article to see if you get any openssl errors.

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