Problem with some scopes of DNS A records - Adress invalid

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by radim_h, Feb 12, 2010.

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    There is some problem with regex checking IP adresses,
    i have experienced this problem more times thru last 2years, but always have fixed it with editing MySql database directly for A records..

    But now i have to move my hosting to new scope of ip adresses
    from (which was wokrking correctly) to
    and i'm getting constantly the message: ispconfig Field: IP Adresse IP-Adress invalid
    which is terrible as on DNS server are records for 128 Ip adresses...

    Is there any way to wokraround, can i cancel IP adress format checking when adding new A records ?

    Where is located the script for adding DNS records, please ?
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    i'll reply to myself :)
    all needed is
    go to ISPconfig menu
    Management=>Form Designer=>Edit Form=>dns - A Record: Edit=>ip_adresse Edit
    and fix or delete text in Regular Expression: field
    when deleted any IP adress can be added then

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