Problem with sending out mail with www-data

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    We have a problem with sending out mails with a php -script for mailadressess with [email protected] as
    The customer is using a different mailsolution than ISPConfig.

    During the creation of the site the Local/External Mailserver was set to
    Local Mailserver in ISP Site/Options and we changed it afterwards, but no

    Looking at /var/log/mail.log confirms that the relay is local and ISPConfig / Postfix is not doing a MX check for this domain.

    What can we do to fix this ?

    We are running IspConfig 2.2.19 and thank You for a great hosting platform.

    BR, Tom
  2. tomppa

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    Problem solved after reboot

    After rebooting server evrything is working OK

    BR, Tom

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