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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by hendry, Aug 7, 2007.

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    Just installed ISPconfig stable 2.2.15 and now are uploading files to the site. Now I have the same problem with the Plesk interface I had running before. Directories on the site are unwritable by the Apache user because the user administrator rights are on it. I enabled suexec, but don't know what this is doing, I only read this could solve my problem, but it looks like it doesn't.

    Now I read something about suphp what can solve my problems. Do I have to upgrade to the unstable version of ISPconfig now to get it up and running? If so, is there any manual telling me how to do it. My server runs ons Suse 10.1 in a VPS at Strato
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    No, do not do that. ISPConfig stable supports suphp. You will just have to install suphp and the enable it in ISPconfig.

    Here is a howto for debian:

    I'am not aware of a howto for suse, but the suphp installation for suse should be similar.
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    Ok, thank you. I'm reading the Howto and I see I have to use the php5-cgi . Any idea where to find it? When running Yast2 it cannot find the file. Is it in the default php5 package or do I have to download it?

    Any people running ISPConfig with suphp on the latest stable version on Suse 10.1?

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