Problem with Nginx and compiled PHP-FPM

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    Today I have configured successfuly The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 12.10 (nginx, BIND, Dovecot, ISPConfig 3), default ubuntu PHP 5.3.x works with nginx, but when I have compiled my own last stable php version 5.4.13 with this tutorial on page 3 and added it to ISP Config as another php version, nginx say 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.1.19.

    Path in ISP config:
    There is /opt/php-5.4.13/var/log/php-fpm.log

    Can you help me to get work with this another php version?

    And last question I look on nginx and I have very old version 1.1.19 can I replace it with newer? Because ubuntu server apt has this legacy version, so I have added lastest stable nginx repository to my update list, I'm worry about this if ISP config refuse it or something happens...

    Thank you for help.
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    Problem solved!

    My path in ISPConfig to pool and ini were bad. Correct - /opt/php-5.4.13/lib not /opt/php-5.4.13-fpm/lib...

    And also I have upgraded to lastest Nginx and must edit nginx configuration file from line:


    Otherwise Nginx could not start


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