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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Purposite, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Purposite

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    Hi all
    I come to install ISPconfig on my server but after the installation, i can't reach the url with the specific port 81. I try to check the root directory of my installation but i find nothing, and i notice that after the installation, all the files from the directory where I start the installation have been removed, i want to know if it's normal.
    I try also to uninstall ISPconfig v2 to install v3 but I can't do that, files needed for this action have been removed after the previous installation.

    I want to know what should I do to solve this problem, thx !!
  2. till

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    yes, thats normal. The files are not needed anymore after the install and a second install can not be done from this directory anyway, so it gets removed.

    This was not a good idea. ISPConfig 2 and 3 need totally different setups and a server were ispconfig 2 was installed can not run ispconfig 3 and afetr you tried to install ispconfig 3 the server got reconfigured so now neither ispconfig 2 nor 3 will work properly. the best is to format the server, then decide if you want to use ispconfig 2 or 3 and then install the server exactly as described in the perfect setup guide for the ispconfig version that you want to use.
  3. Purposite

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    Thank you Till for this quick reply, I want to notice that I haven' install ISPconfig v3, i have tried but I give up.
    I have done many installations of ISPconfig 2 thinking I will solve the problem but i get the same result each time.

    Concerning my unreachable url, in all configuration example i see, it was private address which was use, during my installation I use a Public address, i don't know if it's wrong. I'm trying to understand why my url don't work.

    On my server, i host many services on my server which are used by people, format the server is not a good issue for me, i'm looking for another alternative.

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