problem with load-balanced mysql cluster

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by MvdB, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. MvdB

    MvdB New Member

    I'm having some problem with configuren load-balanced mysql-cluster setup.

    I've followed the setps in How to set up A load-balanced Mysql Cluster.

    The first problem is with hearbeat. A get te following error:
    heartbeat: 2006/10/06_16:00:01 ERROR: mcast [eth0] bad addr []
    heartbeat: 2006/10/06_16:00:01 ERROR: Illegal directive [respawm] in /etc/ha.d/
    heartbeat: 2006/10/06_16:00:01 ERROR: Heartbeat not started: configuration error.
    heartbeat: 2006/10/06_16:00:01 ERROR: Configuration error, heartbeat not started.
    when I comment these lines out in the heartbeat will start and it looks like the load-balancers are running and all tests in the how-to are showing the right response.
    But when I want te connect from a other mahine with a mysql-client, I can't connect. After a portscan on the virtual ip of the loadbalancer I see that te mysql port is filtered (I'm not using a firewall).

    I've really no idea what is wrong? And if the first problem affects the second problem that I can't connect.

    This is my file:
    logfacility     local0
    bcast           eth0
    mcast eth0 694 1 0
    auto_failback   off
    node            loadb1
    node            loadb2
    respawm hacluster /usr/lib/heartbeat/ipfail
    apiauth ipfail gid=haclient uid=hacluster
    Some help will be very nice! :D
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator

    You have a typo there. It must be
    respaw[B][COLOR="Red"]n[/COLOR][/B] hacluster /usr/lib/heartbeat/ipfail
  3. MvdB

    MvdB New Member

    Aha Tnx! :p

    But has the error:

    heartbeat: 2006/10/06_16:00:01 ERROR: mcast [eth0] bad addr []
    Anything to do with this typo?
  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator

    You have another error in your It must be

    mcast eth0 2[B][COLOR="Red"]2[/COLOR][/B] 694 1 0
    instead of
    mcast eth0 2[B][COLOR="Red"]5[/COLOR][/B] 694 1 0
  5. MvdB

    MvdB New Member

    Tnx man!

    It works :D Great! :D

    It were the 2 typo's and a config error with iproute on the sql servers.


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