Problem with ISPConfig websites using letsencrypt

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by LeszekKa, Jul 25, 2018.

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    Im running multiple websites using IspConfig. Some of them are using SSL with Letsencrypt certificates. I've found recently that when I open website which use SSL in my browser, i.e.: domain1, everything seems to work fine... but.. when I open another website, i.e.: domain2 which is not using SSL certficates from letsencrypt, browser says that there's something wrong with my certificate and asks me would I like to continue. When I confirm to open i'm redirected to domain1
    It's the same with other websites which dont use SSL, i.e.:
    domain3 goes to domain1
    domain4 goes to domain1

    and so on... What is wrong with my configuration.
    Thanks in advance for help.

    Additional info:
    (Debian Stretch 9.5) ISPConfig 3.1.12
  2. ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    apache uses first vhost it can find if it can't find an exact match.
    if there is no SSL vhost for that domain, some other will be used.

    To avoid one common mistake: check that all your domains are using either<IPofServer>or* Wildcard in your domain config, and maybe disable the use of * for apache on your system configuration menu.

    And add a default vhost-file to your /etc/apache/conf-enabled/ folder, this gets parsed before vhosts and will be the first to be chosen if no match found

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