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Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by baldur2630, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. baldur2630

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    I installed Fedora 8 and tried to configure Sendmail with TLS, it did not work!

    I then removed Sendmail with Yum as well as Cyrus and downloaded the latest sendmail and cyrus-sasl-2.1.22.

    I followed the instructions in the how-to and everything seemed to work BUT...
    I keep getting

    Warning: Option: AuthMechanisms requires SASL support (-DSASL)
    Warning: Option: CACertPath requires TLS support
    Warning: Option: CACertFile requires TLS support
    Warning: Option: ServerCertFile requires TLS support
    Warning: Option: ServerKeyFile requires TLS support
    Warning: Option: ClientCertFile requires TLS support
    Warning: Option: ClientKeyFile requires TLS support
    /etc/mail/aliases: 0 aliases, longest 0 bytes, 0 bytes total

    I generated Certificate as per the how-to, but I obviously boobed somewhere. Can anyone help?
  2. falko

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    I think it would be easier to replace Sendmail with Postfix. Or do you absolutely need Sendmail? Postfix is easier to manage...
  3. baldur2630

    baldur2630 Member


    I'm not too sure, maybe you would be able to advise.

    We use the Fedora box for several things

    1. A webserver for my wife to test her development work on (she develops websites)
    2. A Forum for our customers (SMF - PHP)
    3. To share Internet connection to 4 workstations)
    4. To run a Trouble Ticket Express Helpdesk (perl CGI).

    This all ran on FC6 and we upgraded to FC7, then the box got too old and died. All I bothered to back up was the MySQL Database.

    I bought a new box, installed FC8 and restored the MySQL database.

    Website works OK, Forum is back up and running. connection sharing is working (well, I trashed Firestarter - seemed very unstable on FC8 and installed GuardDog and it SEEMS to be OK)

    We used Sendmail only to acknowledge a Trouble Ticket to the user and to forward a notification to everyone who works on the Help Desk. We don't use it for incoming mail or any other outgoing mail except the response to a TT (and to send the logwatch to my GroupWise box every night).

    All other mail goes to and from our Novell GroupWise mailserver (Traditional Netware not SuSE and we have Border Manager 3.9 on that one)

    If you feel that Postfix would do the same job, I'll certainly give it a try if there's a "how-to" I'm a Novell Engineer since 1984 but my Linux skills leave a LOT to be desired - still wearing BIG L-Plates I'm afraid! My main concern is spammers and people trying to use the mailserver as a relay, so most important it MUST be "hacker-proof" - I HATE SPAM and if I had my way they would bring in the Death Penalty for spamming.

    I've also got a problem with the HelpDesk and CGI Scripts which seemed to work on FC6 and FC7 but not on FC8, but one problem at a time is enough!

    One thing I would DEARLY love to see is a "How-To" install iFolder 3.6 the so-vcalled 'open-source' which only seems to work on a SuSE box - no-one seems to have managed to get it to work on any other platform! So much for Open Source and Novell.
  4. falko

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