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Discussion in 'General' started by slkgroups, Feb 24, 2007.

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    good afternoon/evening/morning all-
    i have been having a problem with the left window in the admin/reseller/user view. i have loaded appx.- 120-140 domains under one reseller- and the left window is now broken. continued addition of domains DOES work- but there is no way to access them that i can find. i have loaded the 2.2.10 (latest??) version- and am currently trying to upgrade to devel-version.
    more thoughts- most of the domains were entered WITHOUT admin users, as i was doing a lot at one time- is this important?
    all the domains are there- and working under apache2.. i see them in the various DB- just cannot get to them via ispconfig.
    my questions:
    1) have i bullocks the whole thing by trying to upgrade?
    2) is this something that anyone has seen before- and - what do i do???
    3) should i merely - blow it all out- and start over?

    right now i have the 300plus domains under my control in a test server (public IP- testing) and can go either way. obviously, i would like to keep the configs.
    slightly unrelated- can anyone point me to a doc re: structure of the DB system? i do not understand german(?) and am quite lost as to the naming convention.

    thank ou al for your patience- as i DO wish to learn to do this on my own- but am totally baffelled.

    keith t
    slk groups
  2. till

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    Dont do that or you will most likely break your setup! The Dev 2.3.1 version is older then the 2.2.10 release, it is from another branch and the dev releases should not be used in production enviroments. You can not downgrade to the stable branch anymore!

    To fix your problem with the left window, check the title field of the isp_nodes table for unusual chars or maybe a linebreak.

    You will find several posts in the forum explaining the database structure.
  3. slkgroups

    slkgroups New Member

    thank you till-
    there was a carriage return in entry 94. now fixed!

    will continue to search for info about the DB structure.

    keith t

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