Problem /w 3rd site added to IspConfig 2

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by BoloMarkIII, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. BoloMarkIII

    BoloMarkIII New Member

    I have IspConfig 2 running on OpenSUSE 11.3.

    I have already set up 2 web sites that are working with no problems.

    I am using Dreamweaver to upload pages.

    After creating a 3rd site in ISPCONFIG 2 I entered ftp settings for the 3rd site
    into Dreamweaver connected using the same settings as first 2 sites and uploaded files.

    However for the third site the files were uploaded to
    instead of /web3/web
    like the first 2 sites and the pages for site 3 do NOT display because the site is pointed at the /web3/web directory like the first 2 sites.

    The first 2 sites also have the same folders /web1/user/web1_admin/web.

    What would cause this?
  2. BoloMarkIII

    BoloMarkIII New Member


    My bad I had simply not given my admin user for the 3rd site admin permissions.

    I feel silly now.

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