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  1. carlosmay

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    The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Apache2, BIND, Dovecot, ISPConfig 3) - Page 6

    /etc/init.d/apache2 reload

    Syntax error on line 6 of /etc/apache2/conf.d/aquirrelmail.conf:
    Invalid command 'AddTypeapplication/x-httpd-php.php', perhaps misspelles or defined by a module not included in the server configuration
    Action 'configtest' failed.
    The Apache error log may have more information.!

    thanks for you help
  2. rosehosting

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    it looks like you have a (real) syntax error on line 6 in your /etc/apache2/conf.d/aquirrelmail.conf file and it also looks like you are missing mod_php module ....

    as suggested by the output, what is apache's error log file saying about this?

    also can you post your '/etc/apache2/conf.d/aquirrelmail.conf' file?
  3. carlosmay

    carlosmay New Member

    i get this problem after edit this file also as you ask here it is

    vi /etc/apache2/conf.d/squirrelmail.conf

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  4. rosehosting

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    you have a typo on line 6 between 'AddType' and 'application/x-httpd-php' and '.php'. It should be:

  5. carlosmay

    carlosmay New Member

    Just Coping and pasting a reply, I find out that when you do that you can see how really the txt should be, because on the manual this txt was red and all underlined wich was difficult to understand


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