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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by findafriend, May 3, 2007.

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    I have followed a solution from Till so that the server with ISP Config on is running php4, but there is still a problem with danish letters.

    It will not show the following letters :

    æ, ø and å

    You can see that the problems are here :

    and :

    And there also seems to be problems with themes in postnuke and joomla.
    Anyone know how to solve that problem ?


  2. till

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  3. Hans

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    Another possibility

    I do not know which Linux distribution you use, but on Debian, you can consider to add the locales you need by:

    dpkg-reconfigure locales

    Then you can reconfigure your locale settings again.

    Maybe this might help you.
  4. till

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    you mix up here several things. The ISPConfig installation service includes the installation and setup of ISPConfig as described in the perfect setup guides, nothing more and nothing less.

    1) ISPConfig was working, we tested it as we installed and all other services had been working too at the moment we installed them.
    2) You did not contact us at all, that anything is not working. Neither Falko nor I received any email from you.
    3) The setup of a PHP4 + PHP5 is not part of the normal installation service and you did not ask us to setup your server in this special way.

    To your problems:

    The setup includes PHP5 and not PHP4, but almost all PHP scripts run fine on PHP. I maintain servers with many hundred of websites and they all run fine on php5. If you wanted us to install PHP4, you should have told us that before we installed your server.

    The controlpanel and all services had been running fine. The setup fee does not include the installation of your cms systems or websites for you. I posted you the link to solve the character set problem, which is not a bug at all and not even ISPConfig related. All new linux distributions use UTF8 encoding as default in apache, but your script does not support that which results in the character set problems.

    You can not blame us for the fact that your script is not compatible with the linux version that you (not we) choose to install ISPConfig on. But all you will have do do is to change one line as I described in the post above! This line has only be changed if you want to run non UTF-8 sites, so it is nothing that we will change during the setup, because the next customer will complain why we changed it from UTF-8 to another locale!

    Please see my explanations above. You complain here in the forum instead of writing us a email? We will help you with your problem even if it is not part of the installation service to install any cms systems or websites for you and even less when it has special requirements that you did not tell us before the setup because it is important for me that all our customers are satisfied with our service.

    We are not your server provider and you dont pay us 400 a month, just to make this clear to anyone who reads this thread.
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  5. findafriend

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    hi till

    Sorry for the misunderstandings :)

    well then let us get going

    I got a working server with postnuke installed on.

    When i have read in the forum, it should be no problem having a server with php 5 and php 4 on and running php4 as the normal .php on some websites and php5 as the normal .php on others on the same server.

    So here is what i need :

    Got postnuke installed on one server, where php 4 is only php version. But since i need to look forward it would be the best solution to have a server where php files can be run both as php4 and php5 without to change .php to either .php4 og .php5, if you get my point ?

    Suggestion : I pay you guys for getting :

    To run on :

    Please give me a pm and I'll will deliver all information you need to help me out.

    And also let me know where i can pay for your work :)

    Hope to here from you on this matter ?

    PS : It is important that on the server with ISP Config that im able to run both php4 and php5 without changing the .php extension to either .php4 or .php5


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  6. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Hi Mogens,

    I will contact you by email and tell you which additional informations I need.

    Please edit your post above and remove the links to the phpinfo files and rename the files on your server. The phpinfo output exposes informations to others. Some bad guys might use against your server ;)

    We should stop to discuss this issue here, the forums are intended for ISPConfig installation questions and the ISPConfig community and not about the projektfarm installation service :) I will be glad to answer all your questions by email.

    Best Regards,

  7. findafriend

    findafriend New Member

    hi till

    Made you an PM with necessary informations to contact me on.

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