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    I have a server running Debian Lenny, after a recent kernel update I got a problem when rebooting. The / filesystem is mounted read-only and as a consequence all services fail to start. I can manually fix the problem by doing the following:

    boot into single-user mode then

    mdadm --readwrite /dev/md9 (this is the / partition)
    mount -o remount all
    ifup lo
    ifup eth0
    telinit 2

    I have checked the disks and can find nothing wrong, there are no errors in any of the logs. Also used a Debian LiveCD to run disk checks, again no errors.

    Attached is a dump of the console output when rebooting the system and a copy of fstab.

    I would appreciate some help with this as this as I live in an area with frequent power outages and with this problem the system will not restart when power returns (yes, I do have a UPS but battery life is limited and some of the outages last several hours).

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