problem loggin in after raid1 setup

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    I just walked through the "How to Create A Raid1 setup on an existing Centos/Redhat 6.0 system". The raid is up and functioning, it boots but the problem is when I try to log in. When I type in the password and hit return the screen blanks out and then comes back to the login screen. I have check using single boot that permissions and directories are still there but I'm at a loss as to what is missing.

    I get no errors, just a blank screen and then the login screen reappears.

    -- This is a test system, thankfully but I do need to do the raid1 setup on the production system. Lost the raid disk and it will not rebuild. But that is another story :)

    thanks for your help
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    [solved] Selinux bites another admin

    Well after taking a look at the secure log file and running down some of the errors that I found in there, it turns out that somehow selinux got turned on.

    I know that I had turned this off prior to going through the raid 1 setup, but it was on after all was said and done.:confused:

    The how to work just like it suppose to. happy camper :D

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