Problem installing ProFTPd on opensuse v11.0

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by briand0713, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. briand0713

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    hello I got an error when attempting to compile ProFTPd v1.3.2

    I am currently running openSuSE v11.0 64bit and I followed this guide in installing my distro:

    Step 12. on this page is what it told me to do to install ProFTPd:

    when I did 'make' I got this:

    ondering if someone could tell me what to do in order to fix the error so I can get ProFTPd installed.

    thanks for your assistance
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  2. falko

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  3. briand0713

    briand0713 New Member

    IPv6 was originally set to 'off' in the conf but Ill check out the page
  4. itmanager

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    For the ipv6 problem, per this site:
    I personally just commented the line out with a # in front of that line.

    Also, just for the sake that Google brought this discussion up first for the:
    error, here is the fix:

    Easy enough, eh? That fix is per the forum thread that Falko posted above, but it doesn't hurt to add it here either... ??? I hope.

    Also, @Falko, should that be added to the guide? I don't remember seeing it when I followed this guide. BTW, you rock! Thanks so much for all your guides and help. I've been using your guides since... The "Perfect SuSE 9"?...
  5. mirtol

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    linux/capability.h error

    On openSuSE 11.1 with both libcap1 and libcap2 installed this failed as well.

    My solution was:

    After ./configure

    1. Edit Makefile and change DIRS=lib/libcap to DIRS=
    2. Edit Make.rules and remove -Llib/libcap from LIBS= (leave -lcap)
    3. Edit modules/mod_cap.c and change include for compatibility.h to # include <sys/capability.h>

    This uses the kernel header and kernel library rather than the one included in the distribution.

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