Problem: Enabling SquirrelMail For Your Web Sites On An ISPConfig 3 Server

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by MattJo., Jan 29, 2011.

  1. MattJo.

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    I am running 10.10 with ISPC 3 (which was upgraded from 10.04).

    I attempted to enable the symlink so that squirrelmail is accessible from mydomain/webmail.

    However, I received an error when restarting apache indicating there was an error in--I think, but not sure--line 277 of the conf file and that the configtest failed. I should have written the exact error down, but I didn't--I seem to be very dense today.

    Anyway, I continued on and edited the PHP open_basedir settings and I think I really messed up there as I added the directories to the end of the pre-existing directories in the open_basedir listing.

    Upon reboot I cannot access ISPC anymore, although mail and ssh are working.

    I am assuming that I need to manually revert the open_basedir settings but I don't know how.

    Any help would be appreciated, as well as suggestions as to how to make the symlink work.

    many thanks in advance,

  2. pititis

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  3. MattJo.

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    Thanks, but I followed that tutorial--I titled my post "Problem: Enabling SquirrelMail For Your Web Sites On An ISPConfig 3 Server" specifically for that reason. I suppose I could have been more direct.

    Any thoughts with regard to the issue I am having?


  4. falko

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    What does
    apache2 -t
  5. MattJo.

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    That command reports:

    apache2: bad user name ${APACHE_RUN_USER}

    I was able to get apache started again--for some reason the squirrelmail.conf file that was created in the conf.d directory originally was empty so I removed it and then went through the instructions again and then apache reloaded without error.

    Now, however, when I navigate to www.mydomain.tld/webmail or squirrelmail I am prompted to download a file with these contents:


    * index.php
    * Redirects to the login page.
    * @copyright 1999-2010 The SquirrelMail Project Team
    * @license GNU Public License
    * @version $Id: index.php 13893 2010-01-25 02:47:41Z pdontthink $
    * @package squirrelmail

    // Are we configured yet?
    if( ! file_exists ( 'config/config.php' ) ) {
    echo '<html><body><p><strong>ERROR:</strong> Config file ' .
    '&quot;<tt>config/config.php</tt>&quot; not found. You need to ' .
    'configure SquirrelMail before you can use it.</p></body></html>';

    // If we are, go ahead to the login page.
    header('Location: src/login.php');


    thanks for your help,

  6. falko

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  7. MattJo.

    MattJo. New Member


    Thanks. I do have PHP enabled--Fast CGI.



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