Problem after setting up "The perfect server - Ubuntu"

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    Hi, I followed the directions from here and it all works well, apart from one thing.

    After a few minutes of running the server, my network hangs at my ADSL router and I have to reboot the router.

    I have isolated the problem to the server, I have searched the logs, but cannot find anything that seems to be related to the problem (checking for the timestamps when it happens).

    Before working through to setup the server, it was running Ubuntu 12.04 as a file server without a problem , so my guess it is some piece of software that was installed.

    Any clues as to where to look?

    Otherwise, I may work backwards through the instructions to stop each service in turn and see if that turns up the problem.


    Update - I uninstalled ispconfig, rebooted and the server is now behaving itself.

    Later today I may reinstall, can anyone advise where to look for what can be causing this?
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