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  1. Mushrooshi

    Mushrooshi New Member

    THis is my printer: the HP c4180

    How do I get it so that:

    My dad's computer, a Windows XP, my sister's laptop, a Windows XP can communicate with a Fedora 8 computer.

    Basically, it is Windows to Linux printing. Not the other way around.

    Also, I guess, as a bonus, if I could get some tips to get my Mac OS X Leopard MacBook to print to it too, that would be great.

    I do not know anything about configuring and installing cups, apache, and any of the other things. I am a total newbie at this, and I don't have a large amount of time to do it.

    Thank you!
  2. thecaoticone

    thecaoticone New Member

    You will have to run a samba server and enable sharing on the printer.
    If I am not mistaken you will also need to install the printer drivers on the other computers.

    For the Mac you may need to install "netatalk" to enable it to share from the Linux-Box.
  3. Mushrooshi

    Mushrooshi New Member

    Thanked, but how do i configure Samba on fedora linux 8?
  4. thecaoticone

    thecaoticone New Member

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