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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by felarof, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. felarof

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    We had a windows print server with shared 300 printers. My windows clients can search printers from active directory and connect any printer without and driver need.

    I want to install and implement a centos print server. I configured cups and can find all printers by snmp. I can print test pages.

    I installed samba but cannot configure. At this point i need help. I need to share all printers and domain users can search and connect printer without any driver needs.

    I installed adobe ,cup and windows postscripts under /usr/share/cups/drivers .

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  2. Raven Bryson

    Raven Bryson New Member

    Hello everyone!

    In the world of HP printers, these are usually branded as JetDirect print servers. They do cost more, but in my experience these work the best and have the fastest throughput. I haven't found the print servers you mention to be difficult to set up; the problem with them is they sometimes lock up and they may limit print speed on larger print jobs.

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