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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by erosbk, May 19, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    Right now, I am setting DNS2 as mirror of DNS1. As I read in older posts, the DNS2 in this case WILL NOT be an exact copy of DNS1 so... If my server DNS1 dies and I want to change DNS2 as DNS1 (switch them permanently) I can't... in another scenario, if my DNS1 dies and I do not have a backup, my DNS2 will NOT have all the information to "remake" DNS1.

    So... I was thinking... what about using DNS2 as DNS1 too, and in DNS template set all changes to be make for both DNSs? is there a way to have an EXACT copy of them (not using rsync) by using ispconfig?. Is it safe? is it recommended? DNS2 must have a DIFFERENT function than DNS1 or it is just a BACKUP DNS?

    Thank you in advance

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