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    I'm a very very newbie to Linux, but the funny thing is I would be starting a ISP with my partner who was a area distributor of a renowned ISP in my country. Now the thing is, we have clients now, which are currently getting bandwidth from the parent ISP, and soon after we have our ISP license in hand we'll be setting up our own server.

    Our plans is to create a PPPoE server with simple billing options through web based environment (only for administration), like phpMyPrePaid or freeNIBS. In addition we want to use the freeRADIUS server as authentication backbone. Plus, we will need a very good bandwidth managment software for limiting DL/UL bandwidth with group policies. We want to avoid authentication through MikroTik coz I hv seen in other ISP's that the performance is too bad, bandwidth fluctuates a lot. Sometimes the DL speed is 40KBps and all of a sudden if might drop to 4KBps. Our parent ISP's bandwidth controller is very good. Speed is always stable. But I don't know what is their infrastructure. We have currently 300 users ready for migration. Please advice on this scenario and provide HowTos from basic. If possible also advise what type of hardware might be needed to build the server.

    we are preferring to use CentOS 5.2 instead of Fedora.

    Thanking in advance,
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    Why not get a cisco device as the LNS and then authenticate to a radius server openradius is much more flexible than freeradius.

    Your bandwidth stuff can be done using radius AVpairs sent to the cisco that will do the QOS stuff.
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    Please advise more deeply which device to use. And how & what will be the infrastructure.
  4. saifulmr

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    2 days and still no reply. pleaseeee help

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