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    Hi Everyone,

    I've succeeded to install PowerDNS on ns1 Ubuntu 12.04.2 64x with NSSEC support and a backend MySQL database on a separate Server nsdb1 and it's working just fine.
    I've used your tutorial:


    I've few questions in the mean time

    1- What is exactly a supermaster (With examples if possible) for dummies?

    2- Is it better to have the DB MySQL on the same server ns1, or on a separate one?

    3- How to setup a 2nd Master ns2 dns server if possible? I mean, I want to have :

    two DNS masters
    two DNS slaves
    two separate DB MySQL (Synchronized with 3rd party software) or using replication.

    And make both masters use the 1st DB, and both slaves use the 2nd.

    I want to use that for redundancy.
    If you guys have a better vision about how to setup a redendant DNS system with PowerDNS (Preferably using 02 different physical locations for disaster recovery too :D ), please share.

    4- How to setup a recursive server using PowerDNS.

    Thank you in advance.

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